MTX and mSWM series
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illuminates the road on rallies

Continuous development and the desire to be better resulted in our participation in rallies. 
An ordinary laboratory, impact tests, normal operation - we’ve seen it all. 
We decided to test our capabilities on gravel and stones on rally Special Stages.
At high speeds, in the fumes of burnt rubber and to the accompaniment of the applause of the fans we decided to make our debut in moto sports, taking the opportunity to test the strength of our lamps. 

Thanks to a great driver and pilot we reached the finish line safely - with no damage sustained from the sharp corners, gravel or stones splintering off the wheels.
The whole rally was 100% power and 100% illumination - without losses. Both in power and physical damage. 
Definitely a great fun; striving for further adventures, we move on to take another challenges.
Video clip from the rally coming soon.