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We design, manufacture and modify warning lights according to our customers' needs. We have our own R&D department, measurement and control instruments, as well as a rich machinery park. We implement projects from the phase of a concept through a design, prototype to batch production along with certification and type-approval. Manufacture in Europe based on materials of the top quality. We encourage you to cooperate with us.
With this letter, we would like to recommend MTX LED SOLUTIONS SRL with its registered office in Romania for professional cooperation and high quality of products delivered.

MTX LED SOLUTIONS provides us with lighting systems and sound systems for manufactured vehicles.
Products are delivered on time with the highest standards of performance and functionality. Throughout the period of cooperation, high quality products and quick service contributed to the systematic introduction of new solutions in our vehicles, taking into account the latest technological solutions.

I am pleased to recommend the contractor as a reliable partner.

BOCAR Sp. z o.o.

We hereby want to express our satisfaction and certify the high quality of products delivered by MTX LED SOLUTIONS SRL with its registered office in Romania.

MTX LED SOLUTIONS as a partner manufactures for us and delivers parts of lighting systems for specialized vehicles.
The choice of MTX LED SOLUTIONS as a partner was not only about high quality of finished products, but more importantly - readiness to adapt and quickly introduce new solutions customized or made from scratch for our needs.
Timely execution of orders and available technical support by the contractor over the years have strengthen business relationships, allowing the mutual introduction of new solutions for the specialized vehicle segment.

It is a great pleasure for us, taking into account the professionalism and existing relationships, to recommend MTX LED SOLUTIONS as a partner and supplier.

Moto-Truck Sp. z o.o.

/ Moto-Truck