MTX LED SOLUTIONS supports the WATER RESCUE vehicles
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MTX LED SOLUTIONS does not stop. In order to meet the requirements of our customers and provide fast assistance we are constantly developing. 
We support our partners both on land, water and in the air. 
As a manufacturer of automotive lighting systems, we focus on creating comprehensive solutions that guarantee safety, visibility and functionality in all conditions. 
Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, our products can be used even under the most difficult conditions. We therefore proudly support the WATER RESCUE group.
Reinforced housings guarantee resistance to mechanical damage; maintaining the degree of protection at the level of IP65 / IP67 allows for safe use even in high humidity, while the use of efficient CREE LEDs ensures visibility even in dense fog. 

The safety and visibility of the emergency vehicle is supervised by:
- SLB lightbar with increased IP class;
- SWL lamps to ensure rear visibility;
- and FWL fixtures hidden in the vehicle grill.
Effective illumination of the work field is ensured by sSWM lamps generating 4700 lm at 41 W.
Public address is provided by the GT-MS150-100W speaker and the GT-PR4100 generator
Thank you for your trust. And we promise this is not our last word at the water. We encourage you to follow our communication.

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