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This time we have gone all in - at the deep end.

We have equipped WATER RESCUE BOATS with specialist and warning lighting.

New challenges and exceptional working conditions with water mass around, variable operating temperature and high overloads. 
Under these conditions, the SLB series lamps with an increased IP level of protection are sensational.
Highest-class LED modules based on CREE diodes, thanks to careful assembly without difficulty, withstand water work troubles where shocks can be significantly larger than when working on land. 
The housing resistant to harmful UV-radiation perfectly works in the harsh sun and the loudspeaker protected with a special watertight membrane shall remain fully alert.
We have gathered very good opinions from equipment operators – especially for maintaining excellent vehicle visibility and high aesthetics and modern design of our lamps. 

The whole, combined with the rescue vehicle, provides real safety support to rescue services both on land and on water. 
Next challenges ahead of us. For you, we are constantly reaching the horizon by implementing new solutions. 
What’s next? Aviation? Army? Maritime navigation? 
We are waiting for proposals for new challenges and we will be willing to address them. 
In the meantime, we all wish you a safe rest.