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GS-100 100W

Speakers GS-100 100W is a modern speaker construction enclosed in a specially designed-flat housing that allows the speaker to be placed in places with narrow, small free space. Indoor magnetic structure made is from high strength, temperature magnetic steel based on rare earth metals. The magnet gap is filled with high-quality magnetic fluid.

Characteristic feature speakers is effectively finished surface housing, pure sound, reliability and specially designed sound system. It is appropriate for all international standards for that type of devices and it can be use in privileged vehicles in road traffic to emission warning signal, as well as audio messages and any other signaling and warning applications.

GS-100 100W
Power Rating100 Watts
Impedance11 Ohms Nominal
Frequency Range400-5000 Hz
Sound Pressure120-125 dB
Feed Voltage33 V
Directionality10 dB
Operating Temperature-40 °C/ +60 °C
Net Weight2.2 kg
Shape dimension [mm]162x87x188