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The latest generation of roof lamps by the Romanian manufacturer MTX LED SOLUTIONS is ideal for basic warning signaling equipment of special vehicles. SLB are widely applied in police cars, fire-fighting vehicles, ambulances, road assistant cars, road service vehicles. High quality materials guarantee extraordinary resistance to mechanic damages and humidity. Technical specification, innovative appearance, specially designed lampshade and optics give the lamp a significant competitive advantage on the market.

 SLB-2x6ML6B…. [Police]SLB-2x8ML6B…. [Fire brigade]SLB-2x4ML6A…. [Breakdown service]SLB-2x6ML6B-4xML6B-4xWL6-0-1500-CCDCC-S100…. [deltamed]
CompilanceR65 class 2, R10R65 class 2, R10R65 class 2, R10R65 class 2, R10
Light ColourB-BlueB-BlueA-AmberB-Blue
Optics ColourB-Blue, C-Clear, M-MilkB-Blue, M-MilkA-Amber, M-MilkB-Blue, C-Clear, D-Black
No. of Warning Patterns5555
Flash frequency2,1 Hz2,1 Hz2,1 Hz2,1 Hz
Supply Voltage Range10-15 V, 22-30 V10-15 V, 22-30 V10-15 V, 22-30 V10-15 V, 22-30 V
Power supply typeDCDCDC 
Instaled power:

2x6ML6B: 240 W

2xML6R: 40 W

2xWL3: 30 W

2xWL6: 38 W

TL: 5 W

Total: 358 W

2x8ML6B: 320 W

TL: 5 W

Total: 330 W

2x4ML6A: 160 W

TL: 5 W

Total: 170 W

2x6ML6B: 240 W

4xML6B: 80 W

2xWL6: 76 W

Total: 396 W

Speaker 100 W

Maximum Power233 W165 W85 W236 W (without speaker)
Average Power185 W133 W70 W204 W (without speaker)
Ambient Temperature Range-30 °C/ +50 °C-30 °C/ +50 °C-30 °C/ +50 °C-30 °C/ +50 °C
Tc max.+85 °C+85 °C+85 °C+85 °C
IP ratingIP56IP56IP56IP56
Cable length400 mm400 mm400 mm400 mm
Cable type12xG0.7512xG0.7512xG0.7512xG0.75
Extra FeaturesAutomatic Night ModeAutomatic Night ModeAutomatic Night Mode 
Available Connectors***RT360 12PIN connectorRT360 12PIN connectorRT360 12PIN connectorRT360 12PIN connector
*** as accessory