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Work Lights

The latest generation of working lamps by the Romanian manufacturer MTX LED SOLUTIONS, is ideal for working in the most demanding applications. The lamps are mainly applied in mast in firefighting. They are also applied in heavyweight trucks, off-road cars, agricultural and construction machines or fire-fighting vehicles. The use of new-generation LEDs by CREE® guarantees very high light output efficiency values, up to 25000 lm for the 223 W bSWM-n lamp. The aluminum  fixtures (body + front) guarantee adequate LED cooling which, combined with an equally durable tempered glass cover, guarantees extraordinary resistance to mechanic damages, impacts or humidity, and establishes a new standard on the market of lamps intended to work in the most demanding environments. Use of side light allows to lighting even more surface. The innovative appearance and diverse installation methods give the lamp a significant competitive advantage on the market. 

 bSWM-n -160-CW-xx*-AAGbSWM-n -210-CW-00-AAGbSWM-n-266-CW-xx*-AAG
Module Luminous flux17250 lm23000 lm29430 lm
Lamp Luminous flux15000 lm20000 lm25590 lm
Side Lights Luminus Flux1000 lm1000 lm1000 lm
Colour Temperature6500 K5700 K5000 K
CRI Colour Rendering Index707070
Supply Voltage Range10.5-31 V 10.5-31 V 10.5-31 V 
Power supply typeDCDCDC
Maximum Power 163 W188 W223 W
Number of LEDs767676
Ambient Temperature Range-30ºC ÷ 50º C-30ºC ÷ 50º C-30ºC ÷ 50º C
Tc max.85º C85º C85º C
Dimensions340/220/85,5mm340/220/85,5 mm340/220/85,5 mm
IP ratingIP67IP67IP67
Radiator colorblackblackblack
Cable length500 mm500 mm500 mm
Cable typeH07RN-F 3x2.5mm2  H07RN-F 3x2.5mm2H07RN-F 3x2.5mm2
Weight5,8 kg5,8 kg5,8 kg
Beam Angle15º,35º mixed (code 99)15º,35º mixed (code 99)15º,35º mixed (code 99)
Lifetime****>35000 h >35000 h>35000 h

** angle FWHM

**** estimated lifetime based on calculated lifetime of critical components