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Work lights
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The latest generation of work lights by MTX, a Romanian manufacturer, is ideal for working in the heaviest duty applications. The lamps are widely applied in heavyweight trucks, off-road cars, agricultural and construction machines or fire extinguishing vehicles.  
The use of new-generation LEDs by CREE® guarantees very high light output efficiency values, up to 4600 lm for the 41 W sSWM lamp.  
The aluminum fixtures (body + front) guarantee adequate LED cooling which, combined with an equally durable tempered glass cover, guarantees extraordinary resistance to mechanic damages, impacts or humidity, and establishes a new standard on the market of work lights designed to operate in the most demanding environments.  

The innovative appearance and the variety of installation methods give the lamp a significant competitive advantage on the market.


Module Luminous flux3240 lm3430 lm4000 lm53300 lm
Lamp Luminous flux2820 lm3000 lm3500 lm4660 lm
Colour Temperature3000 K6500 K5700 K5000 K
CRI Colour Rendering Index80707070
Supply Voltage Range10.5-31 V10.5-31 V10.5-31 V10.5-31 V
Power supply typeDCDCDCDC
Maximum Power 32 W32 W33 W41 W
Number of LEDs1212 1212
Ambient Temperature Range-30ºC ÷ 50º C-30ºC ÷ 50º C-30ºC ÷ 50º C-30ºC ÷ 50º C
Tc max.85º C85º C85º C85º C
Dimensions150/120/54 mm150/120/54 mm150/120/54 mm150/120/54 mm
IP CodeIP67IP67IP67IP67
Radiator colorblackblackblackblack
Cable langth350 mm/ 5 m*350 mm/ 5 m*350 mm/ 5 m*350 mm/ 5 m*
Cable typeH05RN-F 0,75 mm2 / Spiral Cord*H05RN-F 0,75 mm2 / Spiral Cord*H05RN-F 0,75 mm2 / Spiral Cord*H05RN-F 0,75 mm2 / Spiral Cord*
Weight1070 g1070 g1070 g1070 g
Beam Angle15º, 35º15º, 35º15º, 35º15º, 35º
Available Connectors***OH-2, ATM OH-2, ATMOH-2, ATMOH-2, ATM
Lifetime****>35000 h>35000 h>35000 h>35000 h

* spiral cord

** angle FWHM

**** as accessory

**** estimated lifetime based on calculated lifetime of critical components